Konst Pinger

Konst Pinger

Konst Pinger has the ability of pinging and tracing Internet hosts
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Konst Pinger is a simple program that has the ability of pinging and tracing Internet hosts. The program shows the results in a graph that allows you to understand them better and also saves them in a log file by host name or the one you select. The user interface is not really attractive, but very simple and intuitive, especially for novice users. The general options include the ability to auto hide into the system tray, auto ping first host, auto log pinging host, log into one file, among other ICQ SMS options, including the possibility of sending ping statistics to mobile phone through ICQ SMS gate. The program also allows you to change delay time for pinging, store hosts in a file, trace route to host, WhoIs support with advanced features. This version also includes new color level capabilities, advanced log files analyses with the ability to save them to bitmap, as well as the ability to customize limit points for ping graph. It supports Windows 95 including OSR2, 98, NT version 4.0, 2000/ME, and XP.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to use. New options and capabilities


  • Unattractive user interface. Does not support Windows Vista
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